Stella Maris Rowing Club Renovation & Extension

After several months of design development and costing Kennedy Woods Architecture have commenced construction works on the extension and renovation of the Clubhouse and Boat Store on Pigeon House Road in Ringsend for our clients Stella Maris Rowing Club. The project is being managed on site through Kennedy Woods Project Management whereby we are acting as the principal contractor to deliver the project.

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The Site: The Rowing Club is located on the south of the River Liffey at just west of the point where the new Sean Moore Road extension cuts through the old Pigeon House Road. The building also sits almost due South of the black and white-painted North Wall Quay lighthouse located at the end of the P&O ferry terminal.

Aerial Photo
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The Scheme: The primary element of the scheme proposes the renovation of the existing single storey club house and the addition of a new first floor level. In developing the design we have taken a cue from the lighthouse directly north across the Liffey and are proposing a monotone pallet of materials with the new element to be clad in an anthracite colour and the ground floor walls to be finished in near white render.

The Works: The works comprise the partial demolition of the existing single storey clubhouse and the total demolition of the attached boat store. On completion of the demolition works will commence on the construction of the new detached boat store and the construction of a new first floor level on top of the existing ground floor level of the clubhouse.

North Elevation

The first floor addition will be clad in standing seam metal cladding in an anthracite colour with the existing ground floor element to be externally insulated and finished in an off-white colour. The glazing, doors and external steel work are to be black in colour.

West Elevation

The ground floor level of the renovated clubhouse will contain changing and toilet facilities for the members along with a multi-purpose space / workshop for oar making and boat repair, the ground floor also contains a kitchen for members to use.

The new first floor level will contain a new gym space for member training and a committee meeting room. The gym space addresses the River with two large 6m wide openable sliding windows with a balcony attached to the north window overlooking the river.

First Floor Plan

We will endeavour to post updates during the proposed 14 week construction period.